Algorithms and TCS at Dartmouth


Talks & TRG

We have an active student-led "reading group'' where we have active discussions on research in TCS, both internal and external. We often have external speakers, and if you are interested please let any of us know. For Winter 2024, the coordinator is Jonathan Conroy.

Recent Papers & ePrints


Faculty & Research Area

Amit Chakrabarti. Communication Complexity; Information Complexity; Sublinear Algorithms; Approximation Algorithms.

Deeparnab Chakrabarty. Approximation Algorithms; Combinatorial Optimization; Sublinear Algorithms; Algorithmic Game Theory & Economics

Hsien-Chih Chang. Computational Topology & Geometry; Graph Algorithms; Topological Graph Theory; Planarity; Metric Embedding

Prasad Jayanti. Distributed Computing; Concurrent Algorithms; Synchronization & Fault Tolerance

Dan Rockmore. Applied & Computational Harmonic Analysis; FFT; Signal & Image Processing; Computational Biology

Peter Winkler. Randomized Algorithms; Mixing & Markov Chains; Probability & Combinatorics; Statistical Physics

Emerit & Friends

Tom Cormen (Emeritus). Algorithmic Engineering; Parallel computing; CS Education.

Scot Drysdale (Emeritus). Computational Geometry.

Adam Breuer (CS + Govt). Large-scale social network analysis, data summarization, feature selection; behavioral impact of social media, social networks, information/disinformation.

Sergi Elizalde (Math). Enumerative and Additive Combinatorics; Algorithms; Applications of Combinatorics to Comp. Bio. & Dynamical Systems

Raghav Singal (Tuck). Market Analytics; Data-driven Modeling & Optimization; Decision Making

Graduate Students

Jonathan Conroy. Metric Embedding; Graph Algorithms; Computational Geometry.

Hang Liao. Graph Query Algorithms; Deep Learning.

Ankita Sarkar. Approximation Algorithms; Clustering .

Manuel Stoeckl. Communication Complexity, Streaming Algorithms, and Understanding the interaction of Randomness and Adaptivity.

Recent Alums

Prantar Ghosh. Graph Algorithms; Data Streaming. (thesis)

Maryam Negahbani. Approximation Algorithms; Combinatorial Optimization; Clustering Algorithms. (thesis)

Anup Joshi. Concurrent Algorithms; Recoverable Shared Memory. (thesis)

Suman K. Bera. Algorithmic Fairness; Scalable Clustering; Communication Complexity; Arithmetic Circuit Complexity.

Sagar Kale. Streaming Algorithms; Matchings; Submodularity; Communication Complexity.